Gold Hitting

This class is a comprehensive approach to hitting that allows players to form a consistent, repeatable swing, resulting in better contact at the plate, more power, and a higher batting average. Every Gold Hitting session will have a different point of emphasis for the hitters to focus on. Emphasis gradually shifts throughout the course of the 12-weeks from a predominantly physical process at the beginning of the training sessions to an increased mental protocol at the end of our 12 week period.

Sessions focus not only on improving swing mechanics but also on improving each hitter’s mental “approach” at the plate. In order to have success at the plate, hitters need to have a plan or an “approach” every time they step into the batter’s box. Mental aspects such as pitch identification and selection are highlighted, and advanced techniques are emphasized to promote better timing and a proper mental and physical approach at the plate.

Instructors work with hitters in small groups of 3 to 4 players on drills emphasizing that day’s particular point of emphasis. A mix of Tee Work, Soft Toss, and Live Hitting is incorporated into every session. Bat speed and swing path consistency will be measured and monitored through high-speed video analysis. The session will culminate into a “live” pitchers vs hitters – controlled, game-like environment during the last 2 weeks of our training program.





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